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is the 29th season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge.The new individual format was filmed in Krabi, Thailand during October and November 2016, and features alumni from The Real World, Road Rules, The Challenge, and Are You the One? The season premiered on February 7, 2017, The game started off with 18 Underdogs (players who have yet to win a challenge) who get dropped off a boat and onto a beach, where they were living in "The Shelter." They compete individually in challenges, followed by an elimination round.Bruno becomes very frustrated and finishes last in the challenge, and Marie also finishes last, sending both of them into the first elimination.Nelson then confronts Tony when Tony doesn't try to help his friend Bruno.In the second challenge, the challenge winners will choose a player of the opposite gender to go into the elimination.

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The last-place finishers of each gender automatically went straight into elimination for the first challenge.Jenna knows that she will inevitably be sent in, and Anika volunteers to go against her.During deliberations, Hunter sends in Jenna and Ashley sends in Theo. In one of the scariest eliminations in Challenge history, Theo cracks and quits and Jenna wins against Anika.Sylvia and Nelson win the "Thai Rise" elimination, and become the final Underdogs to go into the Oasis.

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The Underdogs finally move into the Oasis, and enjoy their time there.Sylvia betrays her Real World: Skeletons roommates during the deliberations, and Kailah becomes the bandwagon vote for elimination. During the "Shell Shocked" challenge, the guys and the girls pair up, and lovebirds Hunter and Ashley win.