Trina and french montana dating

05-Apr-2020 02:55

I was just going through my divorce so I was kinda just having fun with life.” Watch his interview with Williams below.

French Montana doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to women and relationships — and we’re starting to see why.

I just feel like if this my sister, I’m going to rock with my sister and nobody is gonna turn me against my sister.

I just feel like it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

If I’m sitting in this room with you today and then tomorrow I see you talking to someone I’m not cool with, or someone I am cool with, and I don’t understand what’s going on and you never say anything, it’s a little disrespectful.”French Montana has finally sealed the deal and is officially a single man…despite acting like one for a couple years now.

He has reportedly divorced his wife Dean Kharbouch.

Trina has spoken and cleared the air about her relationship with French and revealed that she was the one who introduced Montana to the Kardashian clan–whom she was close with at one point.Then so happen Trina knew Kim so she said ‘Hi, this is French’ That’s what it was she didn’t introduce me to them”“Honestly I was never a couple with Trina.I was just going through my divorce so I was just having fun with life.She detailed about her side of the story saying she was in such a point of life where she saw herself being someone`s wife (Kenyon) but Kenyon just wanted a hot girlfriend. Trina`s recent dates include French Montana (2012-2014).

This relationship ended in a love triangle situation involving Trina, Montana and Khloe (one of the Kardashain sisters).

Karma is a B$TCH and Trina was dating him while he was still married, so again karma is a B$TCH.

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