Updating hp thin clients

10-Feb-2020 19:16

No, but in many cases it seems the only logical long-term solution, especially when you need to support a heterogonous desktop environment which includes PCs and laptops. there are plenty of scenarios and reasons--especially in organizations with no diverse desktop requirements--to go the traditional thin client route.

But organizations considering thin clients should at least be aware of the choices now possible.

And manual configuration of PCs and laptops is just too costly in distributed environments, even if you perform only one change every year.

So this means that unless you can go 100% thin clients (which I don't think you can), then you have to build a management system for your non-thin clients.

Surely, traditional thin clients can be a very successful when the requirements are low, but when the latest and greatest is required, you have another option.

A smart client, slim client or thin PC--it's just a name--but this is basically a PC with OEM Windows Professional (XP to 7) configured as a thin client.

I'm talking about the actual "desktop appliance" or "access point" or "thin client" itself.

Quite often such innovations demand the availability of CODECs, the .

NET framework, WPF, the Windows USB or printer driver architecture, and more.

This thin PC can be easily built on the same image and same deployment infrastructure used for PCs (and laptops).

However, in “thin mode” this desktop is automatically logged on with a local generic account which is completely locked-down.The minute a bug is discovered, a security fix is required or a configuration change is needed--you need a management infrastructure where you can automate such changes.

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