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The chart annotation feature doesn’t do palm rejection so even if you use an Apple Pencil you will still get extra dots due to palm presses and even pinch-to-zoom actions!

You only get two colors with no opacity or size controls.

With Flite Deck Pro X Jeppesen has fully entered the post paper world and addresses the questions of connectivity, integration, and data driven contents that will be hallmarks of the next generation of EFBs.

Some of the latest highlights that Flite Deck Pro X is introducing include:- D-ATIS- NOTAMs- Improved Weather implementation and coverage area- Additional AID support including Teledyne, CMC, FOMAX, ONS, and Teledyne - Airport Moving Map (AMM)- Direct access to charts, including engine-out and customer-inserted charts- Enhanced annotations- Fluid map display Flite Deck Pro enhances your situational awareness with the:- Optional display of ownship on approach charts, AMM / taxi charts, and the enroute map- Automatic switch to a AMM/taxi chart upon landing- Track Up and North Up enroute map orientations- Distance calculations with range rings or distance ruler- Night theme for optimal viewing in low-light conditions- Custom keyboard that allows you to enter flight information quickly and easily Options to customize Flite Deck Pro include:- Tailored content (Supplement Jeppesen aeronautical data with your own operational information)- AID Integration- Intergration of ' Customer Inserted Charts' (include your own company charts to supplement the Jeppesen charting library)- Display of company-specific engine-out charts **This app requires a data subscription, available separately.

The relationship works both ways: Jeppesen will add their worldwide database and charts to Fore Flight, while Fore Flight will work with Jeppesen to overhaul their Flite Deck Pro app.

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Instead of having to pursue a series of complicated and expensive deals with various data providers around the world, they can now offer truly worldwide coverage with the stroke of a pen.

The other company, part of aerospace giant Boeing, is most famous for its paper charts, but has recently made sizable investments in the world of electronic flight bags (EFBs).