Updating rake

17-May-2020 01:40

I'm trying to add an extra field to one of my tables.

I've added the field in the migration file (under db\migrate), then ran 'rake db:migrate' which ran without troubles.

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The following link's sections labeled 'Anatomy of a Migration' and 'Writing a Migration' might be of help to you. Basically rather than edit the original migration files generated when you run scaffolding you create a new migration file just for what you want to acheive: and then I loaded my page/controller with commenter_body instead of body and it loaded perfectly. I dont know if there is any issue in the underneath workings in the model/DB( i am still very new to Ro R,my third day actually...) before you add any schema-defining statements to the file, the database will think it has been updated, and the schema info table will contain the new version number.

If you then edit that existing migration file and run Once u do rake db:migrate then again u cannot add column to that file.

Notable additions in Rails 5.0 include an option for an Rails 5.0 is the current stable version. You may see: feed is available from the dashboard).