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01-Jan-2020 16:02

Solar panels have been big in the van community for a long time, and I am not the first to this party.

They are efficient, relatively cheap, and provide enough power to stay off the grid for weeks on end.

Most people (who use average/above-average levels of electricity in their homes) will also need to strongly consider upgrading their current solar power system size if it's less than 4-5k W – we recommend this as a minimum system size so it can produce enough power on overcast days or in the winter to charge the batteries.

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Inverters that can work with batteries have only been on the market for the last year or two – so chances are very high that many people considering adding batteries to their solar power system does not have one.On my Eurovan I have a large Thule box that is always chocked full of gear, camping supplies, and tools, I didn’t want to get rid of my box and buy a smaller one for my solar set up.I also liked the idea of having the freedom to move my panel around, that it didn’t matter where I parked for the night, I could adjust the panel to be in the sun.Don't expect it to make any kind of financial sense until solar battery prices drop significantly over the next 5 years.

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When my van life dream trip was becoming more and more a reality I quickly realized that I would need a way to power my fridge, batteries, and inverter without paying to plug in every few days.Solar Edge is using cookies to improve your user experience.