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23-Mar-2020 10:19

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This means Word Press will only automatically update to 4.9.9, 4.9.10, 4.9.11, 4.9.12 …. You’ll need access to the command line or File Manager in c Panel/Plesk to do this part.In the Word Press root folder (the one with wp-config.php), create a file, call it anything, but with a extension e.g.to Word Press configuration files to stop Word Press automatically updating to 5.0.The “minor” parameter is telling Word Press to only update minor updates, that’s the last number in the semantic versioning 4.9.x. Once you have added that to your file and saved, you need to trick Word Press into performing an automatic update check.Even better than the security of a backup, you can clone your website and update the clone.

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Note: this method requires some basic knowledge of transferring files using FTP / SFTP.The new Word Press files will automatically overwrite the previous ones, leaving your file untouched. If you’re not comfortable with uploading, downloading, FTPing and unzipping there is another way to for the Word Press to update in 4.9.x and do it automatically.Add the following line in your wp-config.php, above the “done editing” line.Upload your new zip archive point release to your server’s Word Press root folder and unpack the archive.

This can be done with File Manager if you use c Panel or Plesk, or by manually using FTP, s FTP then unzip on the command line.

If you are not familiar with these terms, we can do this for you for a small fee.

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