Updating zone files

22-Apr-2020 03:35

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This is a problem that has been reported when running BIND 9 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Core.Specifically, problems are encountered with updating slave zone database files, creating DDNS journal files, and updating master zones from journals.In most cases you have a 1 to 1 relationship between a Domain and a DNS Zone i.e.the domain would be stored in a zone file called txt.

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If you imagine that you (Bill) have organized a football league that has three teams.

SELinux policy overrules file access permissions, so even if all the files under /var/named have ownership named:named and mode rw-rw-r--, named will still not be able to write or create files except in the directories above, with SELinux in Enforcing mode.

So, to allow named to update slave or DDNS zone files, it is best to locate them in $ROOTDIR/var/named/slaves, with You can also tell SELinux to allow named to update any zone database files, by setting the SELinux tunable boolean parameter 'named_write_master_zones=1', using the system-config-securitylevel GUI, using the 'setsebool' command, or in /etc/selinux/targeted/booleans.

So you could create a paper list and write the names and phone numbers on it. This works but gets to be a problem if the league expands and you get,for example, 10 teams.

So an alternative is to create three lists one for team A , one for team B and one for team C.

; MX Records @ IN MX 0 mail1 @ IN MX 10 mail2 ; A Records @ IN A www IN A mail IN A ; AAAA Records @ IN AAAA ::1 mail IN AAAA 2001:db8::1 ; CNAME Records mail1 IN CNAME mail mail2 IN CNAME mail ; TXT Records txt1 IN TXT "hello" txt2 IN TXT "world" ; SRV Records _xmpp-client._tcp IN SRV 10 0 5222 jabber _xmpp-server._tcp IN SRV 10 0 5269 jabber ; Zone: 0.168.192.