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08-Apr-2020 20:55

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We’re able to reduce the time it takes to build widgets for our clients by ten-fold. RSS, sometimes known as Really Simple Syndication, is a popular means of sharing content (such as news and events) without requiring readers to constantly visit a Web site to see what's new.Back at MIX, the Live Platform Services team announced a new standard APP-based protocol for accessing your Live data, and at Web 2.0 the Live Mesh team has announced plans to extend that API with synchronization-ready access to data, devices, application and activity feeds.Ori Amiga shows a number of demos showing the native Mesh feeds, WPF applications using Mesh, a Silverlight client that supports working on and offline, a custom Facebook application that syncs Facebook photos with Live Mesh, a Mac client that sends photos to Live Mesh and even LINQ queries over Mesh objects.Here is a maximized video player and you can close it by using the X on the top-right of the screen.Of couse this will work for non-maximized windows as well.

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Something like associating licenses to a users Mesh instead of a specific device.

At SOAS, University of London we have embedded Feedwind into our Moodle courses to draw the latest articles and jobs directly into our courses thus helping to keep courses fresh, dynamic and eye catching. Plus,the flexibility to instantly tweak is a bonus, enabling us to promptly respond to our clients' last-minute wants.