What is open dating relationship mestizo dating service

30-Sep-2020 12:29

Are you thinking about having an open relationship with your partner?

Or are you simply wondering what an open relationship truly means?

Part of the reason for setting some rules is just practical—like using protection to reduce your risk of getting, or sharing, an STI.

“There are also rules that are intended to provide emotional safety for all parties involved,” Lundquist says.

But experts say strong open relationships do tend to have one thing in common: a mutually agreed upon set of ground rules.

“This is about being self-protective and protective of your partner,” says Matt Lundquist, a licensed clinical social worker and relationship therapist in New York.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for those in an open relationship to feel a bit threatened or intimidated by the different people your partner may pursue.

And while jealous feelings can certainly develop in a monogamous commitment, they're likely to be more prevalent in an open relationship simply due to its very nature.

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Another intriguing component of an open relationship is simply the excitement, thrill and sense of adventure that it can bring.

“The most important thing is to ask each person is what an open relationship means to them,” she says.