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She is listed on Free Ones since 2001 and is currently ranked 28846th place., Dokic alleges her father once beat her so badly she lost consciousness, while subjecting her to a torrent of verbal abuse throughout her childhood.that was more difficult for me.”Jelena Dokic said the worst beating she ever received saw her lose consciousness, following a first-round loss at the du Maurier Open in Canada in 2000.“It was a really nasty memory that will stay with me forever … He beat me really badly,” she said.“The better I played, the worse he got, which is the one thing I couldn’t understand,” she added.It was in 2009 that Jelena Dokic revealed Damir had physically abused her when she was growing up.The abuse Dokic’s father exposed her to has little to do with sport and far more to do with him being a seriously flawed person who took his issues out on his child.

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The parents who stand on the sideline and relentlessly shout and scream throughout their child’s under-11s football game may not be physically abusing their child, but the damage caused is not insignificant.There is a huge difference between a supportive parent and a pushy parent yet still, too many cross the line.There are still a significant number of parents who think that shouting abuse on the touchline or constantly pressing their child as to why they did not win a game is the best way to help them improve. However, there remains something of a sense that it is acceptable for parents to go beyond being supportive and push their children to unreasonable lengths.The abuse became so intense, she writes, that there were moments when suicide struck her as the only possible escape.

Dokic alleges her father whipped her with a leather belt because of a “mediocre training session [or] a loss, a bad mood”, and also spat in her face, pulled her hair and ears, while kicking her in the shins with pointed dress shoes.

That revelation sparked a furious reaction from Damir, who threatened to blow up the car of Australia’s ambassador to Serbia.

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