Who is katy tur dating

28-Dec-2019 09:22

It’s in her blood, it’s in her bones.”In 2003, Bob Tur and Marika Gerrard divorced.

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Maybe it’s because I’m jaded, but not a lot scares me.”Katharine Bear Tur was born Oct. Her parents, Bob Tur, a pilot and reporter, and her mother, Marika Gerrard, a photographer, founded the Los Angeles News Service to cover police raids, fires, plane crashes and chaos there.And this month she will become a contributor to the much publicized new NBC News program “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.”But what she won’t do is go to Washington.“I did not want to go to Washington for a number of reasons,” she said, “one of which, the first and foremost of which being I’ve got a personal life now, and I’m engaged. And I’m a big believer in reporting from the outside. I think being in the White House press corps, it’s difficult to do the sort of journalism that I would want to do.”Actually she didn’t have to make that choice.