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15-Jul-2020 05:14

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Known around as a food tasting guru, you can catch me out and about, as long as there’s food involved!!

A couple of random facts – I have a huge tie and scarf collection, I love professional wrestling, I believe that google was created to rule the world, I think gummy bears should be apart of everyone's diet, I still think I have an outside chance to marry Sofia Vergara, and I'm a sucker for continuing to pay a monthly subscription to Netflix.....

How I ended up doing this for a living comes down to pure persistence and my undying passion for radio.

My love for sports, music, entertainment, and pop culture is what defines me.

Born in Illinois, I always knew what I wanted to do at an early age.

When I was 4, my mother bought me my first microphone......worst thing she could've ever done.

They are shown their small living quarters, 4 twin beds in a cramped room with one bathroom.

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and then they'll find you potentially good matches with other single people who you aren't already friends with.As Nelson climbs up the rock, Jo makes the comment, "Your butt looks cute from here". Slade approaches David before elimination and tells him that he doesn't feel that he can trust him and that he is to drop out.

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