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They may want to show that they have someone who loves them, or that they can reach the same milestones at the same pace, or a variety of other reasons. These are the relationships that you're in because you want to be able to say "Me too!

" when someone says the words, "I'm married and it's great." Did it feel like your relationship was done to prove a point?

If this sounds like gaslighting, it's because it was.

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that tells the victim that their feelings are not valid, or that it's not normal to be treated with respect in a relationship.

For a short time, I honestly thought this guy was "the One." Obviously, I no longer feel that way—nor am I even the least bit attracted to him.

He was good looking, sure, but the gym can't melt away a bad personality.

If so, you probably were in a "me too" relationship and chances are that the relationship itself was incredibly shallow.

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Regular couples will argue behind closed doors and won't resort to name-calling, emotional withholding, or similar tactics when they're dealing with issues in the relationship.

Ghosting on a long-term partner is a very cowardly, ugly way to break things off that show that your ex really wasn't capable of actually being in a relationship at all. If you think about it, you might notice that it was your ex's comments and behavior that may have made you feel less-than-deserving of love, affection, and commitment.

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