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She is also General Manager and Director in a Guangzhou-based company, a Hong Kong-based elevator company and another Hong Kong-based company, Director in a Guangzhou-based group, a Guangzhou-based special purpose vehicle company, a Guangzhou-based environmental protection investment company, a Guangzhou-based environmental protection energy investment company, a Guangzhou-based elevator company, a Guangzhou-based logistics company, a Guangzhou-based system equipment company and a Guangzhou-based parking equipment company, as well as Independent Director in a Guangzhou-based wineshop company and a Guangzhou-based landscape garden company. Zeng Bingquan is Independent Director in Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd.

She used to be Head-Finance in a Guangzhou-based mechanical and electrical group company, as well as Chief Accounting Officer in a Guangzhou-based mechanical and electrical industrial asset business company. He is also Chairman of the Board in a Guangzhou-based accounting firm company.

#Shenzhen, not Beijing or Shanghai, is the forerunner of Chinese innovation, says @ganglu, founder and CEO of Tech Node #tcshenzhen @technodechina #reshapinginnovation pic.twitter.com/7ZX2o2Cpg1 — Tech Node (@technodechina) November 19, 2018 And this year was no different, from blockchain smartphones to battling robots, from hackathons to VC speed dating, Tech Crunch Shenzhen saw over 8000 attendees, 180 startups showing off their stuff, 80 speakers.

It was a whirlwind of great ideas and a glimpse into the future of technology in China.

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Yu in early December resigned his position with Baoneng, where he had been focused on transitioning the company from the traditional model of high turnover real estate sales into more industry-specific sales, such as developing new energy automobile industrial parks.

Huami, a Xiaomi eco-chain company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange in February this year.